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The company was founded in autumn 1995 in Timișoara, one of the cities with a really fast economic development in Romania. Thus, the activities focused from the beginning on business, commercial and fiscal law, trying to cover the growing demand in areas such as the establishment of a company, commercial and fiscal consultancy, commercial litigation, bankruptcy proceedings.

Located in the heart of Timișoara, in the historic center - Piața Unirii, the company is continuously expanding, now haveing a total of four experienced lawyers.

Through the permanent team and close collaborators, Țundrea and Associates offers prompt legal services at a favorable price in the field of commercial transactions, civil and commercial litigations, for companies from Romania and foreign companies that want to invest in Romania.


Commercial Litigation, Reorganization and Insolvency

Țundrea & Associates is ready to meet its clients with solutions to resolve commercial disputes that affect their financial and business interests.

Our department is made up of lawyers with extensive experience in commercial law, reorganization and insolvency, insolvency mediators and practitioners, designed to meet the legal needs of a wide range of economic operators, from small to medium businesses to multinational companies .

Civil law and intellectual property

We are a business law firm. The lawyers team puts at your disposal integrated solutions, innovative and pragmatic

Țundrea & Associates assists clients in various real estate disputes (restitution of property rights over buildings abusively taken over by the communist regime, cancellation of sale-purchase contracts, etc.).

Corporate law and tax consultancy

Țundrea & Associates represent local and foreign corporations in general issues of corporate law.

The firm's transactions works include the setting up of comercial companies, drafting of shareholders' agreements or other arrangements of business partners.

Labor Law and Immigration

Our company has always had a strong practice in labor law.

Our lawyers we are assisting a few industrial and commercial corporations as well as medium-sized firms in all legal aspects related to human resource management and other labor law issues.

Disputes and arbitrations

Our lawyers provide assistance in all types of civil cases.

In addition to using alternative means of dispute, our lawyers have pleaded with successes in a wide range of subjects.

Debt collection and foreclosures

The department provides legal advice

Ways to recover debts; flow analysis, assessing the chances of recovery, choosing the strategy to address recovery, and other services.

Legal assistance in settling disputes

Tundra & Associates offers clients legal services.

Regarding strategies for addressing differences, possible or existing, win / risk assessments, customer assistance in decisions to start a process, cost assessments, choosing action procedures.

Criminal law

Our criminal law department has gained an important experience.

We provide legal assistance in the case ours clients can be accused of: crimes, especially forgery, crimes against public services, judicial administration and law enforcement, in economic crime, or industrial or offenses that affect ownership.


Legal audit: Legal audit is a mechanism for legal checking overview of the financial and economic activity of legal entities. It applies both separately and in combination with the accounting audit.

Mediation: Mediation is an alternative form of dispute settlement between two or more parties seeking to reach a settlement with the help of a third party mediator. Disputes may involve (from the point of view of the parties) states, organizations, communities, individuals.

Judicial liquidation: liquidator and insolvency office - Luminita Țundrea and Cristina Simulescu

Our team

Țundrea and Associates

Luminita Țundrea Phd.

Managing Partner

Cristina Simulescu


Iulia Mocan


Florin Ban


Stefan Ciovica


Alina Pintea


Iulia Lucaci-Țundrea

Colaborating Lawyer

Vlad Haidau

Colaborating Lawyer


Ovidiu Ambrus - Plant Manager - Litens Automotive

My rating for Țundrea and Associates is 10 plus. Professionals in the industry, great people, pragmatic, with common sense, do not use big words, but build great results. Thank you for everything!

Cosmin Grapini – President of The Board, Pasmatex SA

Professionalism, dedication, involvement: quality legal services. Mrs. Ţundrea answers the phone whenever I have a question. I highly recommend!

Horatiu Rada - Managing Director - Consectification Instal SA

An exceptional law firm with full service. I recommend it with all confidence!

Adrian Badescu - founder of Medicis Clinics Timișoara, Honorary Consul of the United Mexican States in Timișoara and Past President Rotary Club Timișoara

A good lawyer keeps you away from of judgment as a good doctor who keeps you away from the hospital. I met business lawyer Luminița Țundrea for over ten years ago and I appreciate her professionalism, equilibrium and empathy for the client. The solutions she offers are always effective, simple and human.

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