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Legal Audit

Legal audit: Legal audit is a mechanism for legal checking overview of the financial and economic activity of legal entities. It applies both separately and in combination with the accounting audit.

We offer assistance regarding:
• Carrying out the expertise of corporate documents on their compliance to the requirements of the legislation in force;
• Analysis of the legal titles, contracts and other conventions of the company, observance of the order of closing and registration of real estate transactions;
• Legal expertise of civil contracts, agreements, used in the company's daily activity;
• Legal evaluation of transactions in terms of nullity, invalidity, unconstitutionality;
• The legal expertise of the documents, based on which the tax imposition and the application of the fiscal facilities are carried out ;
• Analysis of compliance with the legislation in force on the decisions and actions of the state bodies, which control the calculation and payment of taxes;
• Analysis of documents that regulate working relationships in the company, in particular - collective contracts, agreements, employment contracts;
• Legal expertise of court cases at any stage of the process;
• Legal analysis of documents relating to extra-contractual relationships of the company with third parties .


Disputes may involve (from the point of view of the parties) states, organizations, community, individuals.

At present, mediation services can be provided in the following areas:
• Banking - the increase in interest and / or profit and risk margins that have been fixed during the course of the contract; additional fees charged; the inclusion in credit agreements of terms that customers regard as abusive; unauthorized operations in accounts changing the terms of the contracts without consultation and without the agreement of the contracting parties, as well as without any additional act made;

• Work conflicts - agreements between trade unions and employers on collective rights at the organization level, issues related to the continuation / termination of an individual labor contract.

• Commercial or civil litigation - money claims, conflicts between departments, execution of contracts and their resolution, other conflicts arising in the course of professional activity.

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