Civil law and intellectual property

Țundrea & Associates assists clients in various real estate disputes (restitution of property rights over buildings abusively taken over by the communist regime, cancellation of sale-purchase contracts, etc.).

We are a business law firm. The lawyers team puts at your disposal integrated, innovative and pragmatic solutions by providing assistance, representation and legal advice in the following areas: Assistance to clients in land register disputes, Assistance to clients in litigation, Legal assistance on legal relations with authorities and public institutions competent in the field of consumer protection; drafting or reviewing contractual clauses (eg subscription contracts, service contracts) in the light of specific consumer protection provisions; consumer rights to be respected in the relationship of the society with them.

The experience of the law firm in intellectual property law consists in assisting local and foreign clients in their efforts to obtain trademarks, or patent protection both nationally and internationally, including steps against European and communitary forums. Our services include extrajudicial activities such as assistance in obtaining licenses for client products.

Another branch of interest closely related to intellectual property is advertising, which in itself can be considered the engine of initiatives in unfair competition. Each case is unique, which is why Țundrea & Associates has a flexible team offering legal solutions tailored to each client, developing a partnership with our clients, based on mutual recognition, trust and honesty, in which both sides have everything to gain. 

We think it only through detailed legislation knowledge in a particular field and through a relevant experience in this regard, we can offer customers the best legal opinion on their area of interest.

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