Corporate law and tax consultancy

Țundrea & Associates represent local and foreign corporations in general issues of corporate law.

The transactions works of a business include the formation of a comercial company, drafting of shareholders' agreements or other arrangements of the business partners. Moreover, we provide legal advice regarding the public tender procedure, including legal aspects on company management and drafting letters of guarantee or risk sharing agreements.

In particular, the firm provides assistance in common corporate law issues including without limiting itself to: conceiving the decisions of the board of directors' meeting or the general meeting of shareholders and other documents and contracts.

Our department offers general tax consultancy services representing the drafting of reports,legal opinions, views on the application of the rules of fiscal material law regulating :

• Corporation Tax and VAT;
• excise duties;
• income tax on non-residents;
• taxation of individuals;
• local taxes.
• Tax advice, representing drafting reports, legal opinions, views on the application of the provisions of the Conventions to Avoid Double Taxation;
• Specialized tax assistance during controls done by tax authorities, as well as representation in the relationship with tax authorities;
• Assistance and representation in the fulfillment of the legal procedures for challenging the controlling official reports and the taxation decisions and any acts issued by the public authorities in the taxation field;
• Assistance and representation before judicial instances, courts of appeal and supreme courts in tax disputes.

Office Timisoara

Eugeniu de Savoya nr. 6, 300055 Timisoara