Debt collection and foreclosures

The department provides legal advice on:
• arrangements for recovering debts; flow analysis, assessing the chances of recovery, choosing the strategy to address recovery, costing recovery, evaluation of the recovery costs;
• Legal assistance and representation before courts in common or special law actions for the recovery of debts from various legal fields (banking, telecommunications, privatization, infrastructure);
• Drawing up of all documents and documents necessary for court proceedings, participation in the administration of extrajudicial judicial expertise necessary for the recovery of debts;
• Negotiation and trading services in debt recovery procedures;
• Development of projects for the recovery of a large volume of debts;
• Legal assistance and representation in all forced execution procedures, legal assistance in the choice of bailiffs, representation in order to perform the necessary formalities in front of the bailiff's offices, participation with the bailiff in the execution of their execution procedures for movable or immovable property; "
• Legal assistance and representation in appeals against execution, attachment validation and any legal action in relation to forced execution;"
• Legal assistance in international forced execution, legal assistance and representation before courts for the recognition of judgments delivered abroad.

Office Timisoara

Eugeniu de Savoya nr. 6, 300055 Timisoara